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The COVID 19 crisis has left everyone needing to safely access healthcare beyond the walls of the hospital. CareSpace delivers a scalable healthcare delivery model that’s patient centered and remotely provider supported.

The CareSpace (AI-enabled) virtual assistant platform is the launchpad for digital health and IoT devices to enable customers (patients, providers, payors, device partners) to reduce costly, avoidable, and non-reimbursable visits.

Healthbot Authoring 01 Create precision education pathways in seconds with assessments, branching, videos, learning modules and more. CareSpace Hypersite 02 The next generation patient experience for self-service education and engagement powered by ML and AI. HIPAA Compliant Delivery 03 Add a CareSpace client to wherever you want to securely interact with your patients. Engagement Dashboard 04 Gather new patient insights to offer better support beyond the walls of the hospital. Patient Dashboard 05 Understand the patient journey in a new way. Campaign Manager 06 Create automated care programs.

Enhance control and monitoring capabilities with digital engagement for the associate to enable higher standards of care support.
LEARN MORE Health Band Automatically append the temperature with timestamp and proximity to alert both the associate and others nearby. INTEGRATED ULTRA-LOW POWERED, HIGH ACCURACY, TEMPERATURE SENSOR

Digital Diagnostics desktop. Coming Soon! Contactless heart rate measurement based on interpreting heart rate diagnostics from the face using video intelligence.

The CareSpace diagnostic tool for heart rate is implemented from
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CareSpace is core to digital health IT infrastructure.
We extend devices, tele-health, the EMR and other digital health technologies to be more valuable to the patients, providers, insurance companies, and the employers they support.


The CareSpace platform is HIPAA compliant and provides universal value to several audiences.

For Patients

Self-service virtual assistance powered by ML/AI for improved literacy and support.

For Providers

Access to new insights for clinical oversight with tools for manual intervention/communication.

For Employers

Access to one of a kind digital therapeutics for improving employee health and wellness.

For Retail Health

Interconnected platform and connected app to streamline in and out of store care support.


RISEcx, in partnership with Microsoft Health and digital health partners deployed a connected care program for Barnes Healthcare.
After six months, patient readmission rates fell from 89% to 5% within 30 days and provided Barnes Healthcare with an initial cost avoidance of over $14 million.


Customers and partners drive our ability to implement our one of a kind value-based care platform.


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